We want to build a gallery of Bantams to show everything from the standard (as the bike left the factory) to examples of what the owners have done to modify or restore their bike.

The gallery is hopefully going to grow organically and we hope to include specialised photographs for members so that they can see detail which might not be obvious from some of the snapshots.

So, if you have some pictures of your restoration, or simply the pile of bits you have acquired that you have plans for, just email them over and we will try and  fit them on the site.   If you send an explanation we will add that if appropriate but please note that we may need to edit them in order to fit them to the page.

Judith Bonser

Bantam D1, was in my loft for thirty years prior to putting it together two years ago - I take it regularly to the supermarket where it boasts a lot of attention & D10 Sport, after a good servicing it goes really well!

Kevin's B175

Kevin says, This is a working bike not a showpiece as it is completely original, and gets used for commuting, shopping etc as well as club work. I am a member of the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Queensland, Australia.

Cary's D7

Sunny's D5

Sunny's long term ongoing project

Alvin’s D1

A couple of pictures of Alvin’s ongoing D1 restoration. When this article was submitted, it was stripped down and in primer, hopefully within a few weeks, it will be sprayed and ready to bolt back together.

Stuart’s D1, D10 and grandson!

I have attached a few pictures of my D1 restoration, as can be seen a true basket case, but two years on not looking too bad. She had a lucas engine in her but very incomplete, still trying to obtain enough bits to rebuild it. For the time being I have fitted a D7 engine.

Howard’s small stable of Bantams

Howard is a former Bantam Club dating officer. Two of his bikes look very similar to me, but they are, apparently, different. There are members who could present me with this dilemma and I wouldn’t blink, let alone stay awake at night worrying about the accuracy, but given Howard’s knowhow, I’d better get this one right!

Richard’s D14/4

Derek’s D14 Sport and D10

Derek has two Bantam’s – a D10 which he bought in the Old Bike Mart and a D14 Sport which came from eBay, he regularly meets with Colyn Thomas (the Club’s former Technical Officer) whilst displaying his bikes at local steam fairs and rallies.

Ron’s 1964 D7

Ron has sent a couple of sets of pictures, a before and after of the bike with its new luggage rack, on one it’s even got the picnic basket attached which was the reason for the new rack in the first place.

George’s early D7

Probably the oldest D7 still on the road, Number 9 out of about 60,475 D7’s manufactured.

Munchkin’s evolving D1

From, ‘As purchased’ to ‘On the road’ with proud owner.

Roy’s Trials Hybrid

The final product! My faithful old B175 / D14S Trials Hybrid, built in 2001, used on MCC long-distance trails for many years, featured in CBG April 2008, has been re-engineered by me at the lowest possible cost in order to use it for one-day trials. Roy Warren

Brian’s GPO D7

Club Stand win at Stafford, Autumn 2012

Pictures of the team after being awarded ‘Best non-Japanese Club stand’ at the Stafford Classic Bike Show in October 2012

Club Stand win at Stafford, Autumn 2015

And again in 2015!