Re-claiming the Original Number

To reclaim the original Registration Number
Your Bantam must substantially complete and recognisable as a motorcycle, not a collection of parts in boxes!

Your Bantam must substantially complete and recognisable as a motorcycle, not a collection of parts in boxes!


  • Completed V765
  • Completed V55/5
  • Supporting documentation i.e. old Logbook or Certificate from Local Authority
  • Rubbings of Engine and Frame numbers
  • Photos of Engine and Frame numbers
  • 2 photos of the complete bike (one with signed declaration)
  • Covering Letter with a contact Telephone Number
  • Cheque payable to (check with Dating Officer).

You need to fill in the forms V765 (available from the Post Office or downloaded from here) and V55/5 (available from the Post Office or downloaded from here), the forms can also be ordered from DVLA by phone 0300 700 6802.

When filling in the V55/5 form only fill in the following sections, leave the rest blank.

On page one:

Section 1: Registration Number: enter the Registration Number

Section 2: Tax class: enter ‘Historic’

Section 5: Manufacturer: enter ‘BSA’

Section 6: Make: enter ‘BSA’

Section 7: Model: enter your model

Section 8: Type of Body/Vehicle: enter ‘motorcycle’

Section 9: Wheelplan: enter ‘two wheel’

Section 10: Colour: enter the main colour of the motorcycle, only use standard official DVLA colours (beige, black, blue, bronze, brown, cream, gold, green, grey, maroon, purple, orange, pink, red, silver, turquoise, white or yellow are acceptable)

Section 27: Year of Manufacture: Dating Officer will enter year matching your dating certificate

Section 31: Type of Fuel: enter ‘Petrol’

Section 32: VIN/Chassis/Frame No: enter the complete frame number as it appears on the bike itself (not from the documentation)

Section 33: Engine Number: enter the full engine number as it appears on the bike itself (not from the documentation)

Section 34: Cylinder Capacity: enter the cylinder capacity

On page two:

Section 62: Name and Address details: enter your name and address (leave DVLA Fleet No. blank)

Section 63: Date of Birth: enter your date of birth

Section 64: Type Approval: enter ‘exempt by age’

Section 65: Mileage: enter mileage recorded on speedo

Don’t forget to sign and date the form at the bottom of Page 2.

You will also need documents which link your Bantam’s Registration number to the frame number. An old style green or buff log book (RF60 or VE60), sales record or County council registration record (find the issuing authority here and a list of available records here) can  be used as evidence to reclaim your original Registration number as long as it also contains the relevant Frame Number, thus providing the link (unfortunately, many do not). A pre 1983 MOT certificate and/or tax disc can help support a claim, but are insufficient evidence on their own as they do not reference the Frame Number. These Documents will be authenticated and copied by the Dating officer and then returned to you. You will also need to send rubbings and photographs of the frame and engine numbers and 2 photographs, 1 of each side of the complete bike, preferably showing the registration number in place.

On the Back of one of these photos there must be a statement written to the effect of

I have inspected this motorcycle on ________________date of inspection

Address where inspected_____________________________________________________________

I confirm that it is exactly as seen in this photograph

The Engine Number is _______________________

The Frame Number is ________________________






Telephone Number_________________________

People eligible to sign it would be anyone that can countersign a passport such as a Member of Parliament, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion, a professionally qualified person (e.g. doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher), local councillor, bank officer, established civil servant, Police Officer or a paid up member of the BSA Bantam Club (perhaps your local Area Rep?).

When you have the application complete, send the required documents listed above to the Dating Officer (contact him for the address details) along with a covering letter (which should contain a contact telephone number in case of difficulties) explaining exactly what you require, include your Membership Number if applicable. If everything is in order the Dating Officer will issue a Dating Certificate, copy and authenticate the relevant documents (returning the originals to you) and forward the complete application pack to the DVLA.

The non-refundable fee*1 is £20 for BSA Bantam Club Members and £30 for Non-members by Cheque made payable to (check with Dating Officer).

If you have any problems or questions, please send the Club Machine Dating Officer a message from the Contacts Page.

Download this Page as a Reference Document

Click for more information on Applying for an age related Registration Number

*1 :- Due to costs that will have been incurred, if after investigation a certificate cannot be issued, the fee is non refundable. Please check with the Dating Officer that your Bantam is eligible to be issued a certificate before sending documents etc.