Our WebSite & Forum – Bigger and Better!

Our online community continues to grow! Our club now boasts over 1000 members, with over 700 users accessing our Website and Forum. Here, you’ll find a treasure-trove of inside info on BSA Bantams. On our Forum, you have over 3000 topics to choose from, containing 30,000 individual posts! What better way to while-away your evening…!
If you aren’t feeling quite so interactive, look in the main areas of our site where, apart from news of events and general matters concerning the two-wheeled world, we’re collecting all the most accurate historical and current data about BSA Bantams to be made available world-wide, and all in one place! We also have ambitious (longer-term) plans to capture the interactive flow of contributors’ expertise to augment this special pool of knowledge – to give us a library second-to-none covering these wonderful bikes! There is a catch here, of course… We want you to be a full member of our club to get the most of these benefits. And, for the moment, what you find on our site is accessible to all, members and guests.

Our ‘New Look’ site will be up and running early next year and we’ll ease into a new structure where guests are still always welcome even after we have consolidated all this precious info. The only difference you’ll see is a bigger and better site for promoting these marvellous old machines!