New Dating Officer

Steve Walsh has taken up the Baton as our Dating Officer!

Anyone who thinks that looking after a few bits of paper concerning historic vehicles is a simple matter, would reconsider if they were to be introduced to the complexities of managing the registers, archives and relationships with the DVLA  and having to deal with all of that at the same time as answering a high volume of random queries from BSA Bantam enthusiasts.

So, it is never an easy matter to find someone who has the expertise, tenacity and the ability to ‘take the flak’ from everyone – members, Bantam enthusiasts, critics, and, for goodness’ sake, even the committee……..

For Steve Walsh, who is now our BSA Bantam Club Dating Officer, all of this is water off a bantam’s back!

We know that your needs regarding registration, re-registration, machine dating, consultation with the DVLA and everything else required for getting your treasured Bantam back on the road are important to you, and the Club can help you in providing the necessary information which relates to your particular machine.

You can contact Steve through the Contacts page and he can help you concerning machine identification, dating and registration issues etc.

Welcome Steve!