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Thank you for your interest in joining the BSA Bantam Club – the Club which caters specifically for owners and enthusiasts of the iconic BSA Bantam marque of all years and Models.

Click here for details of fees payable for New Membership they are also detailed in the Application confirmation email.

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New Club Member Application

If you are already a Forum User please ensure we have an up to date email address, if not, please edit your Forum Profile with the correct email address before returning here to complete the online Application Form.

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Fees for New Membership are payable for a full calendar year normally beginning in January, or pro-rata for a part thereof if joining later in the year – details of this will also be included in the acknowledgement.

We are now able to accept payment by Credit/Debit Card or through a PayPal account using the ‘Pay Now’ button that appears after successful submission of the application form.

Please don’t forget your remittance!

For Site Registered existing Club Member renewals, please log in and use the online renewal form here or download the BSA Bantam Club Membership Renewal Form there.


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