DVLA & Machine Dating

If your Bantam hasn’t been on the road since 1983 then there is a good chance you don’t have a V5 for it. You can use the Club Dating Officer facility to register your bike with the DVLA to obtain one.

BSA Bantam Club Machine Dating Services

Check the status of your Bantam on the following website,
Vehicle Enquiry Service

If you need to obtain a V5 it’s always a good idea to get the Frame and Engine Number rubbings and pictures done before you get the frame powder coated/painted or the crankcases blasted and polished.

You are strongly advised to,

  1. Copy all original documents sent to the Club and the DVLA, if lost they can never be re-instated.
  2. Use Recorded and Tracked Delivery; Special Delivery if you want extra insurance.
    For general guidance here is a link to the relevant part of the DVLA website,
    Vehicle Registration paying attention to the additional sections regarding ‘Old Vehicles’ and ‘Reconstructed Classic Vehicles’)


  1. The club has to adhere to strict DVLA rules to get vehicles registered. If all requested documents and information are not supplied then the application will be rejected and the registration fee will be forfeited. If the club does not follow DVLA rules then The BSA Bantam Club will be removed from the DVLA list of approved vehicle dating organisations.
  2. The Bantam has to be complete, assembled, and if re-registering, insured*1, and roadworthy (MOT not required for standard vehicles manufactured over 40 years ago).

There are two options. If you have a Bantam for which you can prove entitlement to the original Registration Number, which can be done using the original log book or some other documentation linking the Frame Number to the Registration Number, then you may be able to re-claim the original number assigned to the bike. If you cannot do this, then the DVLA may grant you an age-related number, providing you are able to prove that the bike is genuine and the Date of Manufacture can be established.

The DVLA may require the bike is inspected by themselves or an appointed agent to verify the details are correct before re-instating or issuing a Registration.

Click for more information on Re-claiming the original Registration Number

Click for more information on Applying for an age related Registration Number

Download this Page as a Reference Document

*1 :-Recent information received suggests it may not be necessary to include an Insurance Certificate (except Northern Ireland) with the Application but, if successfully registered you may also receive notification that the bike has been issued with a Road Fund Licence. This is not valid without Insurance, consequently you will need to either insure the bike or SORN it immediately.