Help Needed.

This coming weekend sees the ACU-sponsored National Road Rally of England. The BSA Bantam Club will be manning a Control Point, led by Mike Kilvert (the Club’s Events Officer), and ably assisted by his Missus Anne (who runs the Club Shop). The Control will be on the M54 Services near Telford and will run from 12:00 noon on Saturday 6th July, until 08:00am on Sunday 7th July.

Mike and Anne need some helpers to assist them for all or part of that period – even just a couple of hours would be a great help. If you can’t find time to do the Rally: then helping out on a Control is a great way to participate and enjoy some of the atmosphere of the event. Any Bantam enthusiasts are welcome: no requirement to be a Club member. If you’re interested – please contact the Events Manager from the Contacts page.

As said – even a couple of hours help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!